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El Gordo Adverts

Television adverts promoting the El Gordo draw are released every single year, becoming almost as big an occasion as the actual draw itself. The release of the Christmas lottery advert symbolises the launch of the festive holiday in Spain, and Spaniards around the world are able to relate to the heart-warming stories these videos capture.

With the vast majority of the Spanish population entering the annual El Gordo draw year-on-year, the release of these special, touching adverts really are a highlight of the festive calendar for residents in Granada, Zaragoza, Navarra and beyond.

There are many which stand out, including the 1998, 2015 and 2016 versions.


A bald man played a key role in the nostalgic 1998 edition, spreading an abundance of festive cheer within his crystal ball. To set the scene, it was a white Christmas on the Spanish streets with snow following and crowds gathering ahead of the draw. His generosity and goodwill was there for all to see, with a dropped ticket miraculously landing in someone else’s pocket…


Nineteen years later, and the 2015 production centred around Justin, a security guard at a mannequin factory. Often working the night shift with no companions to keep him occupied, this is the heart-warming story of how a lonely Spanish resident unexpectedly turned up to work on the day of the El Gordo draw to a factory full of friends and family. Spreading the warmth of Christmas, he was given his own decimo for the draw, and the rest is history.


The 2016 advert was a tear-jerker, following on from its predecessors in heartening fashion. A Spanish grandmother from Asturias stole the show, and was ultimately the talk of the town. Thinking she’d won the El Gordo, when in fact she hadn’t, her family, friends and everyone from her local community pretended she had in fact landed ‘The Fat One’. There were celebrations galore, and get your tissues at the ready for what follows.