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El Gordo de Navidad
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Held once a year on the 22nd of December, the El Gordo draw gives players the chance to win incredible prizes right before Christmas. Tens of thousands of cash rewards are spread out in 160 different series, creating the biggest lottery prize pool on record.

The 2016 El Gordo draw will take place on Thursday 22nd December, offering a multi-billion Euro prize pool. Below you will find the results of this year's draw as soon as it has taken place.

2015 El Gordo de Navidad Prizes

Prize Level Total Prizes Conditions Prize Value
El Gordo Primer Premio 1 Match all 5 numbers of the 1st Prize €400,000
Segundo Premio 1 Match all 5 numbers of the 2nd Prize €125,000
Tercero Premio 1 Match all 5 numbers of the 3rd Prize €50,000
Cuarto Premio 2 Match all 5 numbers of the 4th Prize €20,000
Quinto Premio 8 Match all 5 numbers of the 5th Prize €6,000

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